About Ontar

Ontar Corporation is a leading Research and Development company dedicated to helping companies worldwide to develop, deploy and integrate software applications. Ontar provides diverse solutions to enterprises of all sizes, providing service to over 3500 Government, Universities and Commercial facilities.

Ontar Corporation was founded in 1981. Ontar specializes in Atmospheric Sciences, Technical Software Development, Electronic Publishing, Advanced Distributive Learning, Web applications such as Medical Record Keeping. Ontar also provides custom onsite and offsite Workshops.

Ontar solutions enable organizations to increase productivity, and help to anticipate their needs. Ontar has continually refined its technology to meet the demands of the advancing technologies, and is known to deliver high performance solutions at a low cost of ownership. As a pioneer in this field, Ontar launched PCTran, one of the first PC development environments in 1987, PcTran made it possible to calculate atmospheric transmission and radiance. Thousands of companies have adopted Ontar Technology because they trust Ontar and its tradition of delivering successful products and solutions for over two decades.

Ontar is dedicated to delivering the highest performance. Our advanced technology, combined with our experience, delivers integrated and innovative systems, which enable our customers manage an increasingly complex world.

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