Directions to Ontar

Ontar is located at 9 Village Way in North Andover, MA approximately 30 miles north of Boston near the junction of intestates 93 and 495. It is possible to get here by public transportation (via the commuter rail), however we strongly recommend that you use an automobile. You should refer to the attached maps and directions given below to reach us. Please give us a call if you have any problems finding us. We look forward to your visit.

I. From Logan Airport and central Boston :

Exit the airport toward central Boston, via the tunnel. Occasionally the state police will not allow private automobiles to make the left hand turn toward the tunnel. You must exit to the right, go approximately a mile and make a U-turn. There will be many other cars doing the same thing.

The toll at the tunnel will be $2.00. After you exit the tunnel, get in the left lane, and go up the ramp to the central artery (Interstate 93). Once you are on 93 work you way to either the middle or left hand lanes. Follow the signs to stay on 93. It will veer off to the left.

Stay on 93 through Medford, Woburn, etc. past Interstate 95 (also know as Route 128).

  1. Continue on interstate 93 toward interstate 495.
  2. Take exit 44A (495 North, Lawrence ).
  3. Stay on 495 north for approximately 3.9 miles.
  4. You will stay on Massachusetts avenue for approximately 1.7 miles. At this point you should see the town green on your right, and a large white church on your left. There will be a small shopping area (4 stores). Continue on for approximately .1 miles.
  5. You will be at a fork in the road with a fire station in the middle. Take the left hand fork.
  6. Continue on approximately .8 miles until you reach a blinking yellow light on a pole. Make a left hand turn.
  7. Continue on (this is Salem Street which quickly turns into Dale Street ) for approximately 1.2 miles. Make a left hand turn onto Village Way . If you miss village way you will soon see a sign for Smolak farms -- turn around.
  8. Go to the end of Village Way, and continue on the private drive. Ontar is located at the end in the off white/green house. Park where it is convenient. The entrance in on the side of the building to the left of the three car garage.
II. From the 128 (Interstate 95) area:

Get on Interstate 95 (Route 128) heading either north or south depending on where you are located.

Exit onto Interstate 93 North and follow steps 1 through 9 above.

III. From the 495 area, New Hampshire and other points North of Massachusetts :

Use your road map to find Interstate 495, or the intersection of Interstates 93 and 495. Follow steps 3 (or 5) through 9 above. If you are traveling south on Interstate 495, take the Massachusetts Avenue exit to North Andover . This is a long exit, and you will drive for about a quarter mile. Pay careful attention to the signs. Finally, it will look as if you are going to get back onto Rt. 495. Continue, but go off to the right to the bottom of the ramp. Make a left hand turn (south) to go back under Rt. 495. You will be on Massachusetts Avenue and should now follow steps 5 through 9 above.
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