Atmospheric Laser Turbulence Model (ALTM)

This software package is for the following applications:

  • Prediction of link scintillation

  • Reliability of lasercom links

  • Development of parameters for link budget

  • Receiver operation characteristics

  • Reliability of laser designators
This software package uses experimentally-verified mathematical models for Gaussian-beam wave propagation to calculate various beam characteristics in the presence of atmospheric turbulence. Conditions of atmospheric turbulence can range over weak to strong fluctuations. This package provides accurate, speedy calculations for any horizontal propagation path in which the atmospheric index of refraction structure parameter can be taken as constant. Two choices of atmospheric model are available to the user - the Kolmogorov spectrum, which is based only on the atmospheric structure parameter; or the more accurate modified atmospheric spectrum, which exhibits the "bump" at high wave numbers, and is based on the atmospheric structure parameter, inner scale, and outer scale. The beam-wave models that are used for these calculations are valid for optical frequencies ranging from the visible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum to the far-IR regime.


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