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Program to generate atmospheric backscatter and attenuation coefficients using BACKSCAT 4.0 / LOWTRAN 7 aerosol models.

Betaspec Version 2.0
Developed by the University of South Florida, exclusive distribution by Ontar Corporation
(Released September 10, 2009)
Betaspec is included with the HITRAN-PC version 4.0 package and also sold separately.

The Betaspec program has been created in order to provide a user friendly interface for generating atmospheric attenuation (α, km-1) and backscatter (β, sr-1 ∙ m-1) coefficients due to the presence of aerosols and molecular Rayleigh scatter by means of running the AFGL / Sparta BACKSCAT 4.0 program over a range of wavelengths in the 0.2 – 40 micron spectral range.

Betaspec 2.0 is a user friendly version of the US Air Force BACKSCAT (Version 4.0) program which is a Microsoft Windows based computer program that users the LOWTRAN 7/FASCODE aerosol models). The BACKSCAT program is a Lidar simulation program that determines the lidar S/N ratio for a wide range of targets and systems. As part of this simulation, the BACKSCAT program calculates the appropriate aerosol and Rayleigh attenuation and backscatter coefficients for a wide range of atmospheric conditions including a US Standard Atmosphere, clouds, haze, fog, rain, etc.

The Betaspec 2.0 program uses the main aerosol attenuation/backscatter kernel of the BACKSCAT program, but adds a user friendly interface to allow the user to easily change the weather conditions and wavelength range of the calculations. The output from the BETASPEC program is a data array of the backscatter coefficients and aerosol attenuation coefficients as a function of wavelength and of altitude. The output file (*.BASC or *.ASC file extensions), contains the attenuation and backscatter coefficients due to aerosols (clouds, dust, etc.) in the atmosphere.
Betaspec 2.0 Program

The Auxiliary panel contains the Results list and the Plot controls, as shown below.
Betaspec 2.0 Plot Controls and Results list
Betaspec is included with the HITRAN-PC version 4.0 package and also sold separately.

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