E-Trans Overview

E-Trans is a computer program for calculating transmittance through as many as five individual homogeneous gas mixture layers. The program utilizes the Hitran spectral parameter database for the calculation of infrared spectra. E-Trans allows the user to specify the gas composition, temperature, pressure and instrument paramenters, including spectral resolution, shift, and apodization function.

E-Trans utilizes an instinctive, click-and-point method of entry and consists of six program units: the user interface, a controlling program, and four spectral calculation subprograms. The program examines user input parameters for consistency and completeness, interprets the parameters and prepares the input files. A "true" transmission spectrum is generated of the atmospheric and trace gases selected by the user. Output files are converted in GRAMS format modified into a synthetic transmittance or absorbance spectrum at the resolution specified by the user.

E-Trans incorporates instrument response function effects for Fourier Transform spectrometers (i.e. various apodization functions and user-selectable spectral resolution). The user has the option of installing the HITRAN database on the hard drive, which will substantially decrease the run time of E-Trans. Sample input and output files may also be installed at the user's discretion. E-Trans can read data in the JCAMP format supplied in the NIST Quantitative Infrared Database.


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