HITEMP Database

HITEMP is the high-temperature analog of HITRAN. The format of the line-by-line parameters is the same as for HITRAN. The user should be aware that the intensities have been scaled into the standard units of cm-1/(moleculexcm-2) at 296K. Thus FASCOD users, for example, should use the data as is. Their program will scale the parameters appropriately. The SELECT option provided in JavaHAWKS will also re-scale the parameters to a desired temperature.

On this first version of HITEMP are three files. 01_1000K.PAR contains water vapor parameters calculated using a criterion of 1000K and a cutoff of 3*10^-27. These criteria were chosen to include all bands and rotational levels appropriate at least to this temperature; above these temperatures there may be missing transitions, depending on the spectral region chosen for one's problem. Owing to the re-scaling of the intensities to 296K, there will be some very low exponents of some of the intensity parameters. The water vapor data at this time only includes the principal isotope.

Similarly the 02_1000K.PAR file is similarly carbon dioxide parameters. This file covers a spectral range of about 400 to 10000 cm-1, contains the three most abundant isotopes, and was calculated based on a criterion of 1000K. The same comments that were made for water vapor above apply here.

The file 05_HOT.PAR contains data for carbon monoxide appropriate for very high temperatures. It is particularly useful for calculating solar lines.

It should be pointed out that the data in this database are totally compatible with those in HITRAN, that is, transitions contained in both databases (for example transitions emanating from the ground state) have been made identical. This feature facilitates the use of the two databases simultaneously such as one might do when simulating the radiance of a hot source as seen through the intervening cooler atmosphere (where one would use HITRAN for the layers). In this example, use HITEMP for the hot source and HITRAN for the atmosphere; no line correlation problems will occur.

Within the HITEMP database is a directory named SUPLEMWNT containing a water vapor file, 01_1500K.PAR, that was calculated for 1500K but employs a severe cutoff to limit the dynamic range. There are 195 additional bands compared to the 1000K file. Nevertheless, there are fewer total lines on this file due to the cutoff (744060 lines as opposed to 1283468 lines on the 1000K file). We have included full bandsums for each of these files. Notice that in these bandsum totals, the list shows many "missing" bands. This is because we used the HITRAN bandcenter list as input. One can edit this input list if more information is desired on the details of the additional bands. The file included here at 1500K should be used with caution; consider your application or scenario carefully.


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