Ontar's MODTRAN for NVThermIP Products

New!  NvMod 2.0 and PcNvMod 2.0 are now available.

Ontar offers two products incorporating MODTRAN calculations into NVThermIP:

NvMod 2.0
Provides the ability to incorporate MODTRAN results in NVThermIP calculations. Please click here for more details.
PcNvMod 2.0
Has all the capabilities of NvMod, plus provides a complete graphical interface for setting MODTRAN parameters. PcNvMod 2.0 is now available! Please click here for more details.
More information will be available shortly. Please check this page again soon, or contact Ontar via email or telephone (+1 978.689.9622 x327) for more information.
To use Ontar's MODTRAN for NVThermIP products, you must first purchase NVThermIP which is available via the SENSIAC NVThermIP website.

To learn more about NVThermIP, please click here

Click here for pricing information.
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