NVThermIP Overview
The latest iteration of NVESD thermal models is NVThermIP and is available via the SENSIAC NVThermIP website. Please note that Ontar provides products incorporating MODTRAN into NVThermIP.  Please click here for more information.
NVThermIP is the third major release of the Windows-based NVTherm.  The primary change to NVTherm for this release is the replacement of the Johnson Metric with the Targeting Task Performance (TTP) Metric.  NVThermIP is a PC-based computer program which models parallel scan, serial scan, and staring thermal imagers that operate in the mid and far infrared spectral bands.  The model can only be used for thermal imagers, which sense emitted, infrared light.  NVThermIP predicts the Contrast Threshold Function (CTF) of the system, and uses this to predict the target acquisition range performance likely to be achieved using the sensor. The model also predicts a Laboratory Measurement of the Minimum Resolvable Temperature Difference (MRT) of the system.
Accurately Models
  • Poor Weather Conditions
  • Sampled Imagers
  • Digital Boost
Range Performance Predictions
  • Ensemble of Observers looking at an Ensemble of Targets
  • Explains better than 90% of the variance in experimental data
System Requirements
  • Windows 98 or better
  • Optional - Microsoft Excel 2000 or better
NVThermIP Demo

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To purchase NVThermIP, please visit the SENSIAC NVThermIP website.

To learn more about Ontar's MODTRAN for NVThermIP Products, please click here

To purchase Ontar's MODTRAN for NVThermIP Products, please click here.

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