EOSAEL stands for "Electro-Optical Systems Atmospheric Effects Library". It is a collection of useful programs that compute the effects of various atmospheric effects in a ground battlefield environment. EOSAEL is a loose collection of software tools developed over the years to address a variety of real-world battlefield and weapons system issues. The collection is maintained by Dr. Alan Wetmore at the Army Research Laboratory (AMSRL-BE-SA). Under a Small Business Innovative Research effort, Ontar has developed a family of user interface programs for the EOSAEL program library. These user interfaces provide easy access to the various program modules, assisting with both input generation as well as viewing of program outputs.

PcEOSAEL consists of:

  • executable versions of the EOSAEL modules
  • a separate user interface and help for each module
  • FORTRAN source code for the modules
Important Notice:
There are severe restrictions placed on the EOSAEL libraries by the U.S. Government and therefore some customers may not be eligible to receive all material.
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PcEOSAEL is available in a Microsoft Windows version.

The EOSAEL family of codes includes the atmospheric transmission code LOWTRAN. This has been superceded in recent years by the MODTRAN code. Ontar already sells a user interface for the MODTRAN code (PcModWin). It can be purchased in combination with PcEOSAEL for a discounted price. Alternately, if you already have PcModWin, it can be used in connection with the PcEOSAEL family of codes.

Ontar also offers, as a separate product, the Eosael Library. This is a collection of EOSAEL related documentation converted to electronic format. This document includes over 1400 documents (about 113,000 pages) scanned and converted into searchable Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format) files, gathered onto 7 CD-ROMS. Distribution of these CDs is restricted, so the number of CDs you are eligible to receive depends upon your organization/affiliation.


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