PcLnWin Overview

PcLnWin© is a commercial Windows version of the Air Force Phillips Laboratory's FASCOD3P model. FASCOD3P is the recognized world-standard software for predicting atmospheric transmittance and radiance at high (line-by-line) spectral resolution. PcLnWin wraps around FASCOD3P and makes it easy to use. PcLnWin has been developed with full WINDOWS capabilities and is a necessity in calculating laser propagation through the atmosphere.

The basic atmospheric calculations in PcLnWin utilize the FASCODE model. FASCODE performs accurate and speedy calculations from the ultraviolet through the visible, infrared & microwave spectrum (0-50000cm-1). The model accommodates standardized (WMO) atmospheric profiles, numerous aerosol models (including Fogs, Desert Dust and Maritime obscurations), water and ice cloud models (with precipitation). Spherical refractive geometry calculations are performed for any arbitrary line of sight chosen. PcLnWin performs line by line calculations using spectroscopic parameters obtained from the HITRAN database (the recognized standard compilation for atmospheric gases).

A quick and easy user friendly input generation system has been developed for the FASCODE model. A significant improvement of PcLnWin over any other software package in this field, is an encyclopedic on line Help, available for any input or output variable with a simple click of the mouse. The output data files and graphical displays are fully PC and Windows compatible, thus relieving the customer of any concerns over losing or misplacing a valuable data file or plot.

PcLnWin contains executable software for quick and easy input generation, and complete online documentation/help with high resolution graphical output. The ease and familiarity offered by this product allows the user to modify or replace any of the built in profiles or models, with specific measurements or user models, applicable to their utilization. The PcLnWin software package is the only commercially available software capable of performing these intricate calculations.

Numerous enhancements have been made to the current version PcLnWin3.0 v1.1. Click here to view those new enhancements.


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