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CCD Arrays, Cameras, and Displays, 2nd edition, by Gerald C. Holst.

This completely revised book features: CCD and intensified CCD systems, CID and CMOS technology, Signal-to-noise ratio, Minimum illumination definitions.

Price: $78.00

Sampling, Aliasing, and Data Fidelity, by Gerald C. Holst

for Electronic Imaging Systems, Communications, Data Acquisition. Includes resampling, displays, anti-alias filters, phasing effects, pixels on taget, windowing, moire patterns, system analysis, simulations.

Price: $75.00

Testing and Evaluation of Infrared Imaging Systems, 2nd edition, by Gerald C. Holst

For testing FLIRs, Infrared search-and-track, Machine Vision, and Line Scanners Systems. Includes chapters on image quality, test philosophy, NEDT, 3-D noise model, MTF, and system resolution.

Price: $75.00

Electro-Optical Imaging System Performance, third edition, by Gerald C. Holst

A consolidation of reference material needed to design, analyze, and evaluate imaging system performance. Includes SNR optimization, MRC, MRT, MDT, Image motion, FLIR92, NVTherm and TRM3.

Price: $85.00

The Atmospheric Filter, Volume I - Sources, by W. Michael Farmer

Describes the atmospheric filter, its components, and its effects on remote sensors. Detailed texts supported by extensive figures illustrate the complex relationships that exist. Discusses primary atmospheric gases, concentration, absorption bands and effects.

Price: $80.00

The Atmospheric Filter, Volume II - Effects, by W. Michael Farmer

Examines meteorological conditions, their characterizations and natural radiation effects on visual and infrared system performance. Models for transmissometers and LIDAR systems are presented.

Price: $80.00

Set of Volumes I and II: Price: $150

Common Sense Approach to Thermal Imaging, by Gerald C. Holst, available as a book or on CD

Includes chapters on heat, blackbody radiation, emissivity, atmospheric transmittance, camera design and selection, performance parameters, observer training, target signatures, temperature measurements, surveillance, process control, and more.

Price: $75.00 book

           $75.00 CD

           $120.00 Set

Holst's Practical Guide to Elector-Optical System by Gerald C. Holst

Manufacturers find that many potential customers ask the same questions (a.k.a. frequently asked questions or FAQs). The answers appear in application notes, catalogs, and on the Internet. This practical guide is a compendium of those answers (one-stop shopping). The answers are provided in graphs, equations, or diagrams. An engineering approach is taken, the equations may be approximations, but the region of applicability is clearly stated. Most pages have a box at the bottom that highlights a fact,  "rule-of-thumb," "back-of-the-envelope" equation, or a limitation. Exceeding the limitation can be called a "gotcha."

The mathematics in Chapter 1 supports the data analysis in Chapter 19. Radiation theory, optics, detectors, and electronics are in Chapters 2 through 6. The differences between analog and digital formats are in Chapter 7. Chapters 8 and 9 provide display parameters and those characteristics of the human visual system that apply to target detection and image interpretability. System analysis (via the modulation transfer function) is in Chapter 10 with several design examples. The sampling theorem (Chapter 11) must be used with extreme care when discussing an imaging system. There are a myriad of resolution metrics (Chapter 12). Atmospheric transmission and range performance is found in Chapters 13 and 14. System performance predictions can only be ascertained with carefully designed test setups and test procedures (Chapter 15). While Chapters 7 though 12 and 14 apply to imaging systems, electro-optical systems includes lasers, laser radar, and fiber optics (Chapters 16 though 18).

A graph, figure, or table on just about every page! 315+xvi pages (2003)

ISBN 0-9707749-1-5
Price: $85.00 book


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