EO Imaging: System Performance and Modeling

EO Imaging: System Performance and Modeling
Edited by Lucien M. Biberman
Institute for Defense Analysis

This comprehensive book covers in detail every aspect of the electro-optics imaging systems needed to model and analyze performance. It is contained on one mini CD-ROM in the Adobe Acrobat PDF format and in a hardcover version published by SPIE Press. Both versions are available from Ontar.

This book provides a comprehensive analysis of EO sensor performance (both photoemissive and infrared systems). Topics discussed include: Performance of Visual Systems, Image Intensifier Tube Structures, State of the Art Visual and Near IR Sensors, Calibration of Television Camera Tubes, Calibration of IR Imagers, Target Signature Metrics, Assessment of Target Detection Models, Modeling of the Observer in Target Detection, Modeling False Detections, and Search Modeling.

Topics covered that are often overlooked include: Image Quality and Operator Performance, The Human in the Visual Detection Process, Atmospheric Transmission, Weather and Performance, Image Reconstruction by a Line Raster Process, Image Reconstruction from Two Dimensional Sampled Imagery, Aliasing in Two Dimensional Sampled Imagery, Sensor System Psychophysics, and Psychophysics of Helmet Displays.

The book presents the physical and mathematical substance of the processes, as well as performance of the prediction models. Equations are fully developed.

Chapters include:

  • A Brief History of Imaging Devices for Night Vision
  • Luminance, Radiance, and Temperature
  • Natural Sources of Low-Light-Level Illumination and Irradiation
  • Early Image-Intensifier Tube Structures
  • Present Image Intensifier Tube Structures
  • Calibration and Characterization of Image Intensifiers
  • Characterization and Calibration of Signal-Generating Image Sensors
  • Thermal Imaging Sensors
  • Characterization of Infrared Imaging Devices
  • Modeling Atmospheric Transmission
  • Alternate Modeling Concepts
  • Modeling the Performance of Imaging Sensors
  • Static Performance Model Based on the Perfect Synchronous Integrator Model
  • Synthesis and Analysis of Imaging Sensors
  • Modeling Parameters for Target Identification: A Critical Features Analysis
  • Assessing Target Detection Models
  • Modeling the Observer in Target Acquisition
  • Modeling False Alarms in Target Acquisition
  • Low-Light-Level Performance of Visual Systems
  • Bandwidth and Foveal Vision: Factors Affecting the Performance of Image Intensifier Systems
  • Visual Detection Process for Electro-Optical Images: Man�The Final Stage of an Electro-Optical Imaging System
  • System Performance and Image Quality
  • Image Reproduction by a Line Raster Process
  • The Aliasing Problems in Two-Dimensional Sampled Imagery
  • Display of Sampled Imagery
  • Sensor System Psychophysics
  • Visual Psychophysics of Head-Mounted Displays
  • Characterization of Backgrounds; Weather, Season, Geography, and Imaging System Performance
  • Neoclassic Model for Search
Contributing authors are:

  • Edward Bender, US Army Night Vision and Electronic Sensors Directorate
  • Lucien M. Biberman, Institute for Defense Analyses
  • Irving Biederman, University of Southern California
  • Trang Bui, US Army Night Vision and Electronic Sensors Directorate
  • Joan Cartier, Institute for Defense Analyses
  • James A. Hall, Consultant formerly of Westinghouse
  • George S. Hopper, Institute for Defense Analyses
  • David Hsu, LCC International Inc.formerly Institute for Defense Analyses
  • Marta Kowalczyk, Institute for Defense Analyses
  • Richard R. Legault, Institute for Defense Analyses
  • Jeffrey Nicoll, Institute for Defense Analyses
  • Barbara O�Kane, US Army Night Vision and Electronic Sensors Directorate
  • Frederick Rosell (deceased)
  • Stanley R. Rotman, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel
  • Otto Schade (deceased)
  • Alvin Schnitzler, Consultant formerly of BDM Corp.
  • John Schroeder, Ontar Corporation
  • Robert Sendall, Consultant formerly of Hughes Aircraft
  • James D. Silk, Institute for Defense Analyses
  • Richard Vollmerhausen, US Army Night Vision and Electronic Sensors Directorate
  • Curtis Webb, US Army Night Vision and Electronic Sensors Directorate
Publication Dates:

March 2000 (CD-ROM)
January 2001 (hardcover)


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