MODTRAN/FASCOD Documentation

This is a comprehensive collection of the major published documents on the atmospheric transmission and radiance models (MODTRAN, LOWTRAN, FASCOD) and other related documents, including the Ontar PcModWin and PcLnWin manuals. It is an essential reference library for any serious user of these codes. It is included, at no charge, with our PcModWin, and PcLnWin packages, but can also be purchased separately. It is in the Adobe Acrobat PDF format .

The material is divided into three parts: General Documentation, MODTRAN Documentation, and FASCOD Documentation. The titles of the documents included on the CD, as of September 2001, are listed below.
  1. General Documentation

    • AFGL Atmospheric Constituent Profiles (0-120 KM)
    • A Forest Canopy Height Surface Model for Scene Simulation
    • Appendix A,B,C,& D-Thermal Vegetation Canopy Model Studies
    • Diffuse Reflectance Measurements of Foliage and Target Sample
    • Directional effects on scene complexity in Oblique Thermal Imaging
    • Directional Thermal Infrared Exitance Distributions from Leaf
    • Directional Thermal Infrared Exitance Distributions of a Deciduous Forest in Summer
    • Economic Geology-Remote Sensing for Exploration- An Overview
    • Handbook of Geophysics and the Space Environment
    • Inclusion of a Simple Vegetation Layer in Terrain Temperature
    • Near-Infrared Reflectance of Snow-Covered Substrates
    • Observations of the Ultraviolet SpectralReflectance of Snow
    • Optical Properties of the Atmospehre 3rd Edition
    • Optical Properties of the Atmosphere Revised
    • Red and Near-Infrared Spectral Reflectance of Snow
    • Thermal Modeling of Terrain Surface Elements
    • Thermal Vegetation Canopy Model Studies
    • Thermophysical Properties of Natural Surface Materials
    • Veritcal Attenuation Model-8 Surface Met Ranges 2 to 13 Kms

  2. MODTRAN Documentation

    • Addition of NOVAM to MODTRAN in Support of OMPS
    • Atmospheric Transmittance LOWTRAN 2
    • Atmospheric Transmittance Radiance Computer Code LOWTRAN 4
    • Atmospheric Transmittance Radiance Computer Code LOWTRAN 5
    • Atmospheric Transmittance-Radiance Computer Code LOWTRAN 6
    • Flexible Aerosol Scheme of MODTRAN 37
    • Installation and Running MODTRAN with NOVAM
    • MODTRAN 3 User Instructions
    • MODTRAN Documentation.txt
    • MODTRAN User's Manual Versions 37 and 40
    • MODTRAN4 User's Manual
    • Multiple scattering LOWTRAN and FASCODE models
    • PcModWin30
    • PCMODWIN37
    • PcModWin40
    • PcModWin40v1r1v1.1
    • The MODTRAN 2-3 and LOWTRAN 7 Model
    • The Navy Oceanic Vertical Aerosol Model (NOVAM)
    • Upgrade to MODTRAN Layer CLoud-Rain Models
    • User's Guide MIDTRAN-Combination LOWTRAN and HITRAN Tech
    • Users Guide to LOWTRAN 7

  3. FASCOD Documentation

    • AFCRL Atmospheric Absorption Line Parameters Compilation
    • Application of FASCODE Radiance-Transmittance to Upper Atm (NLTE)
    • Atmospheric Attenuation of Laser Rad from 0.76 to 31.25 m
    • Atmospheric Radiance and Transmittance FASCOD2
    • Atmospheric spectral transmittance and radiance FASCOD1B
    • Atmospheric Transmittance Radiance Computer Code FASCOD2
    • FASCOD1 User Instructions
    • FASCOD3 Preliminary

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