Training programs are designed to give customers the greatest value in the shortest period of time. They include specific topics tailored to meet customer needs and applications. All workshops are designed to benefit both new personnel and experienced employees.

At a workshop, we typically cover the following:

  • Latest model versions, explanations, features
  • Experimental verification of models
  • Setup of calculations
  • Input parameters and definitions
  • Comparisions of model results
  • Plotting and output files
  • Binay to ASCII conversions
  • Customized solutions for company-specific needs

Onsite and Offsite Workshops:

Ontar presents 2-, 3- and 4-day workshops both at the customer's facility and at various locations throughout the world during the year. These workshops focus on atmospheric radiative transfer and the relationship of atmospheric transmission and radiance to sensor performance. Depending upon the attendees' unique requirements, a combination of consultants will be brought together to optimize learning. 

 Workshops are usually held in April and October. Each workshop is divided into two sessions. Monday and Tuesday are designed for the beginner to intermediate user, and the focus is on the basics of the codes and atmospheric science. Wednesday and Thursday are designed for a more advanced user of the codes. The instructors progress beyond the basics to the "nuts and bolts" operation and use of the codes. Participants may choose to attend either a two-day session or the complete four-day workshop.

More information will be posted as available - or contact Ontar at to request to be put on the workshop mailing list. 

Annual Workshop

For more information on our next workshop or for other training opportunities please contact us.

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