PcModWin 6

PcModWin© is the world standard Windows interface for MODTRAN® (*).


PcModWin© is the world standard Windows interface for MODTRAN® (*). The latest version, PcModWin 6, works with MODTRAN6® 6

PcModWin is a commercial Windows version of the United States Air Force Research Laboratory's MODTRAN model. MODTRAN is the recognized standard for computing atmospheric transmission and radiance at medium to high spectral resolution (0.1 cm-1). PcModWin wraps around MODTRAN and makes it easy to use.



 Hitran-PC is a PC computer program that can calculate or model the high-resolution ( < 0.01 cm-1 ) optical transmission spectrum of the atmosphere and of selected gases using primarily the HITRAN Line-by-Line database.   Hitran-PC 4.0, incorporates a major change and advancement in the program and capabilities, and has been developed over the past several years. It now uses the latest 2008 HITRAN Line-by-Line database, but also uses the HITRAN UV and IR Cross Section files, the experimental PNNL IR database, aerosol extinction using the BACKSCAT program, and the water vapor, CO2 and N2 Continuum.  



 Ontar Corporation is committed to providing its customers with the best and most complete training possible. To that end, we offer customized training online and at our North Andover, Massachusetts facility. Based upon our experience, we estimate that a minimum of 2 days training is necessary for a complete understanding of any product. For those desiring to learn about multiple products/codes, 3 days of training is recommended. For more information or to schedule training please contact us at: sales@ontar.com


 Ontar Corporation is a leading Research and Development company that helps global companies to develop, deploy and integrate software applications. Ontar provides diverse solutions to enterprises of all sizes. It provides service contracts to over 3500 companies, Government, Universities and Industrial facilities.

Ontar Corporation was founded in 1981. Ontar specializes in Atmospheric Sciences, Technical Software Development, Electronic Publishing, Advanced Distributive Learning, Web applications such as Medical Records and Custom Workshops.

Ontar solutions enables organizations to increase productivity, and helps to anticipate their needs. Through the years, and has continually refined its technology to meet the demands of the advancing technologies, and is known to deliver high performance solutions at a lower cost of ownership. As a pioneer in this field, Ontar launched one of the first PC development environments in 1987, PcTran, which thus made possible to calculate atmospheric transmission and radiance. Thousands of companies have adopted Ontar Technology because they trust Ontar and its tradition of delivering successful products and solutions for more than 22 years.

We are dedicated to delivering the highest performance to our partners and our customers. Our advanced technology, combined with our experience, delivers our customers and partners integrated and innovative systems, which enable them to manage an increasingly complex world.  

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