PcModWin 6

 PcModWin© is the world standard Windows interface for MODTRAN® (*). The latest version, PcModWin 6, works with MODTRAN6® 6 

COMING SOON! Hitran-PC 5.0

We are excited to present Hitran-PC 5.0. Our developers have been working hard to bring you the most advanced version to ever be released. Includes all new features and user friendly interfaces.


 Hitran-PC is a PC computer program that can calculate or model the high-resolution ( < 0.01 cm-1 ) optical transmission spectrum of the atmosphere and of selected gases using primarily the HITRAN Line-by-Line database 


  The LidarPC computer program is used to simulate and model the Lidar Equation for a pulsed Laser Radar or Lidar system for Hard Target and Atmospheric Aerosol Backscatter applications. 


 The Betaspec program has been created in order to provide a user friendly interface for generating atmospheric attenuation (α, km-1) and backscatter (β, sr-1 ∙ m-1) coefficients due to the presence of aerosols and molecular Rayleigh scatter by means of running the AFGL / Sparta BACKSCAT 4.0 program over a range of wavelengths in the 0.2 – 40 micron spectral range. 


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